New exhibition: “Drawings in three acts”!

Drawings in three acts

Drawings are my first true experiments and steps towards charcoal tehnique. I began in the winter of 2012 and made the last piece in autumn. After being introduced to charcoal drawing the year before last, the desire to try it out was great, but unfortunately, I didn’t go further than a couple of basic drawings. The beginning of 2012 brought some spare time and I decided to start taking it more seriously. The drawings are divided into three groups, the first group being portraits that express being, aura and character. The second group – figures – tries to express certain emotions and states and the third group – triple-drawings – is a more grandiose development of the previous category.

At first, I started to draw creative people who have inspired me. I tried to portray them having a specific state of emotions and individuality. The drawings developed into multifigural portraits, so that the subjects of the drawings could be shown in a more diverse manner and so that they would look more alive, which is how I ended up concentrating on specific traits or special emotions that that reduced the importance of identity and eventually abolished it. I moved on to bringing out and emphasising these traits by experimenting with the technique. I ended up with drawings that are unified by such characteristics as fragments of emotions, illustrative technique and atmosphere

I started with the second category of my work based on the principle that bodies may not be anatomically correct and that the slightly mutated stilistics has to be put first. They are symbolic imitations of people that express human states. The purpose is that the viewer should not identify with the individual, but with the emotion or the situation instead. The bodies are drawn quickly, in order to exclude strains or fine-tuning. The themes that travelled my mind were purity and dinginess, humanity and its loss, bestiality and its loss, communication, coexistence, ignorance and obsessions. The result was a surprise to me – a weird combination of slight satire and putting the audience in a presumptory position.

I starter with the third group of drawings – the triple-drawings, a couple of months after the other drawings, when I was already familiar with the tecnique and after the ideas had had some time to settle. The triple-drawing is a further development of unisex figures. The drawings portray three suffeting figures that in the spheres of nature and entity are thrifling.

exhibition is @ Cafe Spargel,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bvm=bv.42261806,d.d2k&biw=1024&bih=648&q=Tartu+Kalevi+13.&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x46eb36df147b55b3:0xf56213eb846c2e64,Kalevi+13,+50103+Tartu&gl=ee&sa=X&ei=XRAaUYa9DaKw0AWkjoDQDg&ved=0CCsQ8gEwAA