Greenhouse Pandemic Next Wave III 2021

The work comes from the series Greenhouse Pandemic Next wave, which is the next episode after Greenhouse Pandemic’s works.

The scene of the Third Painting takes place classically in a greenhouse, where a volga is parked in the foreground, with an abundance of tomatoes and peppers of different colors in its open luggage. To the left sits the market authority and
to the right sits Bernie Sanders with a face mask with a surprised red cat behind her right shoulder. in the foreground flies through a parrot with a face mask between the nails. There are speakers on both sides of the Volga, on the left there is a tiger with a face mask and on the right there is a black boy with a radio. On the roof of the Volga is a dancer in a tomato dress (inspired by British singer Bree Runway). Another tomato picker is joining in the background. In the greenhouse are tomatoes and peppers of different colors growing together. There is an ongoing pandemic.

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